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Wordpress Maintenance Plans and Hosting Sevice

Hosting your website in fast and reliable server is a great step for succesful and effective SEO results. WordPress Maintenance plans will keep the site safe and updated !

Website Hosting Services

A service that allows users to post their websites/webpages onto the internet is called “website hosting”.
Proper website hosting is important for your website’s success and satisfied user experience. Whether you are a seasoned internet pro or just starting out with your first website, our team of experts is here to help you in every step of your hosting experience.
We have a history of providing our users with;

Solid Performance

Extreme Security

Full Support

Why Choose Us?

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Businessrise has helped hundreds of small – large business customers leverage the power website hosting in order to grow their business online.

Our team is here to provide you round the clock outstanding services and support, we are the perfect choice whether you are looking for personal or business hosting.


Our company uses the latest servers available and each server has at least two processors We do not overload our machines so that the users can run more heavy scripts


Your website’s availability is our top priority. Our web hosting servers are powered by networks that deliver 99.9% uptime for every month.


We take security very seriously. We make use of latest firewalls to protect our entire infrastructure. We perform regular scanning on our systems to make sure we are secure.


We do our best to provide all the required customer support satisfaction to our users. Our staff is here to assist you with any hosting related problem through emails, calls and messaging.

Wordpress Maintenance Plans

Your website’s maintenance and security plan is the best way of keeping your website secure, updated, running at its best and at the same time, making it stick to a particular budget.
Although website maintenance and security plays no crucial part in attracting potential customers and generating profit/revenue, it plays a major role in digital marketing. This is what keeps your website running properly for your customers who visit it and as a result, this sustains your reputation as a service provider in the competitive digital market.
Our web support team comprises of competitive and experienced individuals who are able to handle any kind of management issues and can cater to your needs whenever you require support. Our team of professionals can manage your current website in any platform you want.
We can access it on your server or get it transferred to one of our servers. Our experts will regularly upgrade your website to ensure that it is at par with the latest trends going in the market.
Our website maintenance services include;


This involves periodic checkups to ensure proper functioning of the website.

Improving Performance

Upgrading of your website to avoid longer loading time periods.

Data Back-up

Restoration of data in the event of losing the original version.

Updates to Improve Your System

Creation of new content to keep your website fresh.

and much more…

Get the Hosting and Maintenace your website and your Business deserves.
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Website Security

There are numerous computer viruses and malicious software that plague the internet on the whole. Also, hackers are a common threat. You will not even realize it until they will have fully taken over your website. In the same way, viruses play their worst part when you can no longer prevent and counter their attack.

Our web security services can help you counter these threats by installing measures that can protect your website from such nuisances. Whether you want a complete check-up or just require up-gradation of your website, you can rely on our team of experts for their outstanding professional services.

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