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Your Personal Website from Template payment

We are exited seeing that you are ready to do a big step in your online profile, and get your Personal Website out there, in an online format, Your Personal website will help you get your achievements to the right audience, when you want to. Of course, keeping the website up to date is crucial, in order to keep current information on. We will do the initial job, to implement your information to the template design, but afterwards, you must keep it updated, in order to achieve awareness.

The website you buy right now will be based on the template you will choose after the payment is successfully completed. You will  receive an email with the link for the online form. There, you will have the opportunity to upload your Bio,  achievements, your image, and any other information we need to upload into the template. The template is built in WordPress, so it will be easy for you to edit any part of the website you need.


By submitting this payment, you accept the Terms and Conditions of this website. You acknowledge that, the website will be built according to the template you chose, the information you will submit is accurate, and you will upload the correct information. You, also, agree that there is no refund in this project. If you want to cancel your order, there is no refund.

Thank you for your purchase!