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Get your CV Website and go above the competition

Create your online CV/Resume website and get yourself out there, above the competition. Especially today, with the re-opening of the markets. Do your move today

Present yourself and your achievements to the right people, through your CV/Resume website page. Build your online presence stronger than just with LinkedIn. Dominate the internet with your personal page.

Why do you need an Online CV page?

Get the message you want you there

Nowadays, all the hiring managers, check all the candidates online. They do not stick on a piece of paper or an email you sent them during your application. They search online to find who you are before they decide if you are a good fit for the position. Stay in top of the game and manage all the information they will see about you. Dominate the search Engines and give them your professional background, before any other information. Do your step to the new Era of employment. Make an impact to your next job application with your online Resume/CV Website.

Get your skills on top

The recruiters do not know your name, yet, but they know exactly what they are looking for. They know the skills of the candidate they are want. Having your resume online, and having your skills in there, is probable that you will get on top of the search when you have your own one domain, with your name, showing the skills, you are expert on. 

Show your personality 

A piece of paper or just a PDF, behind an email address, cannot show your actual personality. THe hiring manager wants to know your work experience and skills, but he/she also wants to know about you, as a person. A nice Cv/Resume website can show them more about your personality, and can summarize yourself in one link.

You  are web savy and on top of the game

You are not one more candidate. You are not stay behind and you don’t follow old school, outdated technques. On the contrary, you follow the business trends and you stay on top of the game. You give the signal, that you are a person willing to evolve and go ahead in your career.

Get you Online CV/Resume Site Now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How our plans work for you?

Amazing CV/Resume website for you. It is based on our custom made templates. Every week we will have more templates for you to choose from.

You choose the package that fits your needs, and proceed to the payment. As soon as your payment is successful, you will get redirected to a form, where you can upload all the information you need us to upload to your website.

Template design: There you will be able to choose template. You can decide  about favorite colors and font you prefer. Please fill up all the information, in order us to be able to build the website exactly as you want it. We need your resume, your image, your contact information. For template websites, the time frame is about 2 business days, with 1 revision.

Custom design: You will need to answer several information about the content of your website. The pages we include are:
Home (A summary), Bio, Achievements, Education/Skills, Contact page. You can add a blog. We will create the template of the post and you will be able to upload your content.

Do you have other personal page options?

Of course we have. We, also, offer personal websites, 5-pages websites. and you are able to build your more eclusive page with achievements, presentations and, of course, Blog , if you desire. See our packages in our Personal Pages section

Can I see some of your creations?

Of course you can. We have more than 14 years of experience in creating winning websites, and markeiting campains. You can see a small sample of website we built recently in our Web Development Portfolio

Do you have questions? Do you need more information? Send us a message and we will contact you.

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